Welcome to our new artists!

We're pleased to welcome lots of new artists to York Open Studios this year - click 'Artists and Makers' above to search by venue number, name and medium to see who's showing, what they do and where you will be able to find them during our open weekends. You can get a free PDF copy of our directory and maps by clicking here

Artists & Makers

Greg Winrow Greg trained in Art/Design and Photography locally. His work is inspired by local architecture, animals and local points of interest. He splits his time in a ad-hoc fashion between oil painting, reduc...

How can I help?

York Open Studios needs you! The cancellation of last year's event due to coronavirus left a big hole in our budget. Click 'How can I help?' above to find out how you can help us come back stronger than ever for our 20th anniversary this year!

Our 2021 Directory is live!

Our 2021 Directory is now live! Click the directory above to see details for all our artists and where to find them during our open weekends in July. You can also look on our interactive maps to see who is nearby and work out your own t...