Leesa Rayton Design Plus 21

Leesa uses time honoured techniques to design and create unique pieces of jewellery from precious metals, vitreous enamels, gemstones and beads. Designs are inspired by architecture and the natural world.

Exhibiting in 2020

Medium: Jewellery

Meet the artist & maker

After many years of working in health research, Leesa has recently made the leap into becoming a full time jewellery designer maker. Leesa is always inspired to expand her knowledge and learn new techniques at York School of Jewellery, where she has been based as a student for the last 12 years.

Leesa is also a director of the Beautiful Splint Company CIC, making orthotic splints for fingers that are both attractive and practical.

This is the first year that Leesa Rayton Design Plus has exhibited at York Open Studios



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