Fiona Sheehan

Fiona's work is richly textured acrylic/oil painting using vibrant colour and working from intuitive beginnings towards landscape or natural forms.

Exhibiting in 2018

Medium: Painting

Meet the artist & maker

Fiona is an artist who explores the landscape of Yorkshire and the West of Scotland, often camping and walking. Using textured and multi-layered techniques she produces rich surfaces. Her acrylics are semi abstract works while her oil pieces tend more towards recognisable places.

Venue 56

Visitor information

16 Tang Hall Lane,


York, YO31 1SG

The studio is at Heworth end of Tang Hall Lane. It is permitted to park on the road verges, though it is a very fast road. The local small roads are permitted and likely to be safer. There are not any steps leading to this venue.

Accessibility: The studio is situated on a busy road but adequate pavements make access easy. The studio is at ground level and would be accessible to people who are unable to use steps. There is a small step up into the second viewing area.

01904 410245

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