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2016 was another great event for all.  Please still send comments if you wish,  as we are always interested.

You can still access the map and details of artists in the 2016 event and before on this site.  The artists from 2016 remain here until the 2017 selection is made.


The 2017 event will be 21,22,23 and 29, 30 April 2017.  Put it in your diary NOW.


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Judy Burnett
Judy Burnett studied Illustration at Hull and Middlesex Colleges of Art. Her career has been in Further Education in Art and Design, also working as an illustrator and exhibiting artist. She was the...

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Things to watch for now...

Although 2016 Open Studios event has passed, keep watching this space for information on our artists' other activities throughout the rest of the year.....Artists from 2016 remain members until the new selection for 2017 has been made. Applications for our 2017 event will be online in July.  Watch this space for a precise date which will be published soon. Many thanks to all who came to the 2016 event, those who helped, and those who helped some more

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2016 Directory and Maps

Now the 2016 event is over, you can still access information about the event and artists and maps from this website.  Also lots of information from previous years.  If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us at info@yorkopenstudios.co.uk We continue to run information updates, news and activities through the rest of the year, so keep your eyes on this site. Keep your eyes open for the new application form and updated details.....  

2016 Central Map

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